The First Around-the-world Marine Integrated Scientific Research of China Wrapped up Its Mission in the Third Segment

According to the report of Xinhua News Agency (Reporter ZHANG Xuyang) on 11 December, the research vessel Xiangyanghong 01 has wrapped up the mission in the third segment of China’s first around-the-world marine integrated scientific research, which is also the forty-sixth voyage of China Ocean Expedition, in the afternoon on December 10 (GMT-1). It will then depart from the South Atlantic and head for Punta Arenas Port of Chile to replenish. 

LI Chuanshun, the Chief Scientist of the second and third segment of this voyage, told us that Xiangyanghong 01 set sail from Capetown of South Africa on 22 November, and reached operating sea area on 28. The total working time lasts for 13 days with successful investigation on marine geology, marine ecology, ocean circulation, marine chemistry and marine micro-plastics. The scientists and crew members conducted the electro hydraulic grab with underwater television camera in 12 stations, harvesting high-quality samples and data, including a 3-ton block-shaped sulfide which is now the largest single sulfide block among China’s collections, LI said.

According to SUN Yongfu, the Leader of the second and third segment and also the Deputy Director General of FIO, scientists and crew members have obtained samples of deep-sea core by drilling form 3 stations during this voyage. 

After the replenishment and personnel rotation in Punta Arenas Port of Chile, Xiangyanghong 01 will join Xuelong ice breaker to do joint investigation in the Antarctic. This is the first around-the-world marine integrated scientific research of China combined both ocean and polar scientific investigation.