Dr. Vladimir RYABININ, the Executive Secretary of Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, Visits FIO

Dr. Vladimir RYABININ, the Executive Secretary of UNESCO-IOC, visited FIO on 18 December 2017, and attended the symposium with Dr. LI Tiegang, the Director General of FIO and representatives from the International Cooperation Division of FIO, International CLIVAR Project Office (ICPO), and UNESCO/IOC- Ocean Regional Training and Research Center on Ocean Dynamics and Climate (ODC Center).

Dr. LI Tiegang warmly welcomed Dr. Vladimir RYABININ and reviewed FIO’s work related to IOC and WESTPAC. FIO now hosts ICPO and UNESCO/IOC-ODC Center and initiates OFS and MOMSEI Projects. UNESCO/IOC-ODC Center has conducted 7 Training Courses facing IOC country members till now, greatly helping the capacity building of members in marine environmental protection and sustainable development under the global outlook of climate change. ICPO, which dedicates to the scientific research in marine climate variability, successfully organized the 2nd CLIVAR Open Science Conference in September 2016 in Qingdao. In April 2017, together with WESTPAC Secretariat, FIO hosted the 10th International Scientific Conference of IOC/WESTPAC, attracting more than 600 participants from 22 member-countries of WESTPAC and related organizations. LI expressed FIO’s willingness in facilitating and participating in IOC and WESTPAC events. Bearing contributing to the development of international marine science in mind, FIO awaits more support from IOC in the future.
Dr. Vladimir RYABININ extended his heartfelt thanks to Dr. LI for his hospitality and expressed high appreciation for FIO’s fruitful work with IOC. In his report named Accelerate Sustainable Development by Marine Science afterwards in the symposium, Dr. RYABININ introduced the function, institution, goals and activities of IOC and the UNESCO Project of International Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), which will be a framework for international cooperation and friendship establishment. This Project will also encourage the cooperation among scientists, decision-makers and enterprises in marine research, enhance the ability of scientific research and technical transformation, and well promote the protection of marine resource and sustainable development. After Dr. RYABININ’s report, representatives from International Cooperation Division of FIO, ICPO, and UNESCO/IOC- ODC Center gave reports on their recent work and future plan respectively.

Dr. Vladimir RYABININ’s visit to FIO will further promote FIO’s involvement in IOC and WESTPAC events, thus increasing the impacts of FIO on the international marine stage.