New Year Address

As the new year begins, let us also start anew. On this New Year's Eve of 2018, I would like to extend my warm greetings and best wishes to all my colleges who have strived constantly for a better FIO. Wish you a happy new year and all the very best!

Over the past year, our institute has comprehensively implemented the guidelines from the 18th and 19th National Party Congress; carefully studied and put into practice the principles from General Secretary Xi Jinping's major addresses; sought from the fifth plenary session of the 18th Party Central Committee the innovative, coordinated and green development that is open and shared by all. With scientific research as the kernel and spirit of being conscientious and responsible as the guideline, we have made joint efforts in the innovation of scientific research system and strengthening of discipline construction by centering on key assignments of SOA and FIO, thus positively supporting the implementation of SOA programs and contributing to the improvement of FIO’s main jobs and influence.

For the FIO people, the year 2017 has made us all proud. This year marks the active participation and great achievements of us in many key marine activities. Our positive involvement in the assessment and formulation process of six SOA programs, including the Expedition of China's Icebreaker Xuelong in Antarctic Area, the Deep Sea Exploration of China’s First Manned Submersible Jiaolong, the Smart Ocean Project, the Ecological Islands Project, the Blue Bay Project, and the Ecological Remediation Project of Developing Mangrove Forests in the Southern China and Chinese Tamarix Forests in the Northern China, has well demonstrated our overall perspective on national strategy as being active thinkers and brave undertakers; our forward-looking layout on growing points of new disciplines with China’s first around-the-world marine integrated scientific research of Xiangyanghong 01 as a great example has realized China’s first highly-integrated marine research on resource, environment and climate, and showed our fighting spirit as being valorous initiators and fearless implementers; our first integrated exploration to the world's biggest ocean blue hole named Yongle, compilation of its 3D model, and discovery of the oldest sea water, sea thermoclines and Xisha ocean blue holes in the open sea have all proved the tireless endeavors of FIO people as being courageous explorers and great seekers; and with the most projects from China National Natural Scientific Fund (NSFC)and the highest funding rate, our fruitful scientific results in 2017, especially the approved 24 projects of NSFC for Young Scientists which ranks NO.1 among marine institutes, has convincingly reflected the innovative ability of FIO young generation and the scientific sprit of all FIO people as being active researchers and ambitious leaners.
2017 also witnessed our effectual administrative reform. FIO people bear the improvement of the institute in mind and devote time and energy to make the institutionalized management, effective talents building and success application of the second level confidential qualification finally possible. On behalf of the Leadership Team of FIO, I express our heartfelt thanks and pay high tribute to colleges who have long been committed to the development of our institute. 

The bell of the New Year will be ringing soon with a new page of history. In 2018, we will further implement the national strategy of innovation-driven growth and marine-oriented development; make deeper understanding on the guiding principles and scientific requirements from the thirteenth five-year plan on marine development; define our role and make active move in developing national economy and social pattern by supporting the five marine policies, which are economic increase, legal governance, ecological management, rights protection, and capability building. By optimizing the direction of disciplines, we will find new opportunities and make more achievements in theoretical results of key basic science, breakthrough of core technologies, integration of scientific tech and work, transformation and demonstration of outcomes, talents and capacity building and comprehensive management, thus making China a real maritime power.

My dear colleges, let us stand together, work solidly and forge ahead, writing a new chapter of FIO with our best spirit and conditions.

I wish you health, happiness and success in the year ahead!
LI Tiegang