Xiangyanghong 18 Welcomed the New Year in the Indian Ocean

Greeting the successful convocation of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the past year 2017 holds special significance for us. This year, blowing the wind of new era and sounding the marching bugle, marks the passionate entry of Chinese people to the socialism with Chinese characteristics.

For Xiangyanghong 18, the past year also means a lot. In 2017, Xiangyanghong 18, crossing the equator, makes its first expedition to the Southern Hemisphere and conducts the Winter Voyage on Integrated Investigation of Sea Water in the Southern Part of the East Indian Ocean. Till now, Xiangyanghong 18 has worked for 47 days in the Indian Ocean and is ready to ring in the New Year during the journey. 

For most of the crew of Xiangyanghong 18, this New Year is their first one to spend on the ocean far away from families. Encouraged by the provisional Party Branch on board, various activities and delicious food are prepared for celebrating the New Year and make the crew feel at home in the happy laughters.
After the celebration event, Xiangyanghong 18 continues its busy scientific investigation in the ocean. Since departing from the home port on 16 November 2017, this research vessel, tested by the strong wind, big waves and continuous high temperature, has finished the integrated investigation in 97 preset stations, set/withdrawn one submerged buoy and reset one buoy, creating a new record of China as being the lightest research vessel working in the Indian Ocean and providing China with precious data to better know the hydrological, chemical and ecological process of sea water in the East Indian Ocean.

One night between the old and new year marks the best wishes we made today.  

The crew of Xiangyanghong 18 express the best New Year wishes to all the FIO people, and wish FIO a great success in the New Year!

Attached poem from WEI Qinsheng, the crew member of Xiangyanghong 18
Traveling far away on the rough sea, we take responsibilities with strong will;
Shifting the work day and night, we make hard expeditions with no fear;
Proposing a toast for the New Year, we explore the ocean with great passion;
Sailing with unpredictable occasions, we stay positive and seek the success near;
Awaiting for the completion of the assignment, we expect to return with rich fruits.

1 January 2018 
In the Indian Ocean