Name: Weimin Liu

Address: First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
No. 6 Xianxialing Road, Qingdao, P. R. China 266061


Education September/2002- September/2006: Xi'an Jiaotong University
September /1987- December /1989: Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
September /1981- July /1985: Shandong Jianzhu University


Working Experience October /2006- Now: First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration
July /1985- July /2002: Weifang Institute of Architectural Design and Research


Research Interests Marine renewable energy-Ocean thermal energy conversion
Deep sea water desalination


Research Projects 1. Overall design of the comprehensive utilization of OTEC in the South China Sea.Period covered: January /2017- Now.
2. Study on influence mechanism of the secondary heat recovery to OTEC cycle using mixing working medium and experiment verification. Period covered: January/2018-December/2020.
3. Technology exchange and cooperation between China and South Korea in marine energy development and utilization. Period covered: January/2018- December/2020.
4. Feasibility study on comprehensive utilization of OTEC in deep sea island reefs. Period covered: January/2018- Now.
5. Development of waste heat utilization system. Period covered: May/2016- Now.
6. Research and experiment on the development and utilization of OTEC. Period covered:December/2013- December/2015.
7. Research and experiment of 15kW OTEC plant Project. Period covered: May/2008-May/2012.
8. Research on secondary heat recovery of the depleted ammonia in ocean thermal energy conversion system. Period covered: January /2015- December/2017.
9. Research & development and industrialization of ocean thermal energy equipment. Period covered: April/2013- April/2016.
10. Development of ocean thermal energy utilization research platform. Period covered:July/2013- July/2015.
11. Qingdao ocean thermal energy engineering research center. Period covered:July/2013- July/2015.
12. Study on heat transfer characteristics of heat exchanger in seawater cold source system. Period covered: January/2015- December/2017.
13. Study on Seals of Mini-Ammonia Turbine for OTEC. Period covered: January/2013-December/2014.
14. Research on new efficient thermodynamic cycle of OTEC using mixture working fluid. Period covered: January/2013- December/2014.
15. Guiding ideology and development ideas of marine energy development and utilization. Period covered: May/2013- December/2013.
16. Monsoon wind speed and wind resource assessment of Qingdao typical coastal hillside Project. Period covered: August/2012- February/2014.
17. Development of key technologies and equipment for desalination system using solar honeycomb water distribution and fin falling film. Period covered: June/2008-June/2011.
18. Research on new efficient thermodynamic cycle of OTEC using mixture working fluid. Period covered: January/2013- December/2014.
19. Wave observation in Jingtang of Tangshan port. Period covered: October/2012-October/2013.
20. Maintenance and renovation of ship crossing automatic measuring system Project. Period covered: January/2013- December/2014.
21. Development of underwater multi beam measuring system for ship type measurement Project. Period covered: May/2008- May/2010.


Publications 1. Exploitation and Technical Progress of Marine Renewable Energy.
2. Progress of Closed-cycle OTEC and Study of a new cycle of OTEC.
3. Research on Measurement of Void Fraction for Vertically Rising Pipes by 0ptical Fiber Probe.
4. Study on the Shape of Occurrence and Developing of Evaporation Wave in Short Pipe.
5. Development Status and Perspective of Marine Energy Conversion System.
6. Research on Characteristics of the Seawater Temperature Rise in Cold Water Pipe in OTEC Power Plant.
7. Thermodynamic Analysis of Rankine Cycle in Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.
8. Experimental Studies on the Seawater Desalination System Based on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.
9. Experimental Study on the Performance of 15kW OTEC System.
10. Experimental Study on the Heat Transfer in the Seawater Desalination System Based on OTEC
11. Performance Analysis of Combined Cycle Power Generation for Waste Heat Recovery.
12. Status and Commercialization Feasibility of OTEC Technology.
13. A New Idea of Ocean Thermal Energy Desalination Device.
14. Experimental Research on Desalination System Using Solar Honeycomb Water Distribution and Fin Falling Film.
15. Numerical Analysis on the Temperature Rise Characteristics of Seawater in Vertical Cold-Water Pipe in OTEC Power Plant.
16. Development and Prospect of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion technology.
17. Current Situation and Prospect of Marine Energy Generation Technology.
18. A Review of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.
19. Application Analysis of OTEC in South China Sea Islands.
20. Design and Performance Study of Micro Turbine in OTEC.