Name: Li Li



First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
No. 6 Xianxialing Road, Qingdao, P. R. China 266061

Phone: (86)532-88966215
Cell: (86) 15865590910





3/2009, Ph.D. in Environmental Science, University of Massachusetts, Boston, United States
7/1999, B.S. in Marine Chemistry, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, P. R. China


Work Experience

7/2021-present, Director of International Cooperation Department, First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), Ministry of Natural Resources, China
12/2020-present, Senior Scientist, FIO, China
7/2010-12/2020, Associate Scientist, Marine Geology Division, FIO, China
6/2009-5/2010, Postdoc, University of Massachusetts, Boston, United States
8/1999-8/2001, Assistant Engineer, Qingdao Chemical Engineer Institute, Qingdao, P.R. China


International Cooperation Experience

•  Scientific international project management and coordination;
•  International training course design and implementation;
•  International organization management;
•  Organize large-scale international conferences and activities;
•  Representative of China National Decade Committee;
•  Members of PICES WG-IPOD and F&A committee;


Research Interests

•  The speciation and fluxes of chemicals near hydrothermal vents;
•  The biogeochemical recycling process of trace elements in marine system;
•  The enrichment mechanism of rare earth elements in deep ocean;
•  The early diagenesis process of redox sensitive elements in Arctic


Research Projects

•  2021-2024, 580,000 RMB, Principle Investor, The behavior of Fe in hydrothermal fluid dilution process in western Indian Ocean: using 56Fe as a tracer, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC);
•  2018-2021, 650,000 RMB, Principle Investor, The study on remobilization of heavy metals at sediment-water interface and their partition equilibrium behavior in heavily contaminated marine environment, NSFC;
•  2018-2020, 900,000 RMB, Principle Investor, The accumulation mechanisms of rare earth elements and related early diagenesis processes at sediment-water interface in Indian Ocean, China Ocean Mineral Resources R & D Association;
•  2019-2020, 110,0000 RMB, Principle Investor, The speciation of trace metals in seawater at phase boundaries – implementation of advanced methodologies. China-Croatia bilateral intercommunication project. Ministry of Science and Technology, China;
•  2012-2015, 290,000 RMB, Principle Investor, The research on heavy metal sediment-water chemical equilibrium model, NSFC;
•  2010-2015, 1000,000RMB, Principle Investor, Assessment of metal toxicity in surface sediment of Bohai Sea, China, Basic Scientific Fund for National Publish Research Institute, State Oceanic Administration of China;
•  2013-2016, 80,000RMB, Principle Investor, Development of free metal ion recorder in seawater, National Bureau of Human Resources of China.



•  Bookworm Award of Class 2009 at EEOS department, UMass Boston, 4/2009
•  Best Thesis Award of Class 1999 at Ocean University of China, 6/1999



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