Name: Chunjuan Wang



Marine Policy Research Center

First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
No. 6 Xianxialing Road, Qingdao, P. R. China 266061





09/2001- 07/2005: Shandong University of Technology

09/2005- 07/2008: First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration

09/2013- 07/2018: China University of Geosciences(Beijing)


Working Experience

07/2008-06/2014: Marine Geology and Geophysics Research Laboratory, First Institute of

Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration

06/2014-Present: Marine Policy Research Center, First Institute of Oceanography, State

Oceanic Administration


Research Interests

Marine Policy

Polar Policy and Strategy

Resource and environment assessment


Research Projects

1. National Nature Science Fund:Research on Regional Evaluation Model of Submarine

slope instability due to Decomposition of Natural Gas Hydrates Based on GIS in

Storegga Landslide Area. Period covered: 01/2013 -12/2015.

2. Research on Innovation Strategy of Marine Science And Technology. Period covered:

01/2014- 12/2014.

3. Research on Evaluation and Prediction of Marine Science And Technology Innovation.

Period covered: 01/2015- 12/2016.



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3. Wang Chunjuan,Du Dewen.Regional Assessment of Effect of Gas Hydrate Dissociation on the Submarine Slope Stability.Proceedings of the 4th Academic Conference of Geology Resource Management and Sustainable Development.2016,654-660.

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