Prof. Dr. Dahai Liu

Contact no.: 
0086-532-88967126 (Office); 0086-13864807051 (Cell)

First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
No. 6 Xianxialing Road, Qingdao, P. R. China 266061


08/2011-01/2014: Ocean University of China, PhD.
08/2008-06/2010: Ocean University of China, Master.
08/2001-06/2005: Ocean University of China, B.S.

Working Experiences
12/2020-present:   Director, Coastal Science and Marine Planning Center, First Institute of Oceanography, MNR, China.
09/2021-present:  Doctoral supervisor, Ocean University of China.
07/2021-present:  Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Coastal Science and Integrated  Management, MNR
08/2019-11/2020: Deputy Director, Coastal Science and Marine Planning Center, First Institute of Oceanography, MNR, China.
04/2014-08/2019: Deputy Director, Marine Policy Research Center, First Institute of Oceanography, SOA, China.
07/2005-03/2014: Research Assistant, Coastal and Island Research Center, First Institute of Oceanography, SOA, China.

Membership in Professional Societies 
2020-present: Senior Economist, IFC, World Bank
2018-present: Reviewer of《Fisheries Research》, 《Marine Policy》, 《Journal of Cleaner Production》, etc.
2019-2022: Researcher, Key Research base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education, Institute of Ocean Development, Ocean University of China 
2021-2024: Council member, Chinese Social Sciences Society 

Research Interests
Marine Spatial Planning 
Marine Policy and Evaluation

Research Projects (past three years)
1.Polar, deep-sea and blue economy development situation and key research. Funded by National Development and Reform Commission, 2021-2022
2.Study on modernization of governance System and Capacity of Island revitalization. Funded by Major Project of Philosophy and Social Science of Ministry of Education, 2018-2021 
3.Research on development strategy of natural resources science and technology. Funded by Department of Science and Technology Development, MNR, 2021-2022
4.Research on coastal zone planning system of provinces and cities. Funded by Department of Strategic Planning and Economics, MNR, 2021-2024
5.Research on territorial spatial planning and Use Control of Maritime Law. Funded by Department of Sea Area and Island, MNR, 2020-2021
6.Exploration of Marine zoning methods in territorial space planning. Funded by Department of Sea Area and Island, MNR, 2021-2024
7.Study on detailed Permission System for territorial Special Space Control. Funded by Department of Sea Area and Island, MNR, 2020-2021
8.Special study on maritime areas in national territorial space planning. Funded by Department of Sea Area and Island, MNR, 2021-2022

Selected Books:
1.Liu Dahai, Li Yanping. Ocean Spatial Planning and Coastal Zone Management [M]. Science Press, 2021. 
2.Liu Dahai, Wang Chunjuan. Natural Resources Science and Technology Innovation Index Trial Evaluation Report 2019-2020 [M]. Science Press, 2021.
3.Liu Dahai, Yang Hong, Yu Ying. Global Ocean Science Report: The Current Status of Ocean Science Around the World[M]. China Ocean Press, 2021.
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7.Liu Dahai, He Guangshun. National Ocean Innovation Index Annual Report (2019) [M]. Science Press, 2019.
8.Liu Dahai, Yu Ying. Evaluation Report of Maritime Cooperation Index of Neighboring Countries of the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" [M]. Science Press,2019.
9.Liu Dahai. He Guangshun. Evaluation Report of National Marine Innovation Index 2016[M]. China Ocean Press, 2018.
10. Liu Dahai, Li Yanping. Research on the Measurement and Evaluation of the Contribution Rate of National Sea Area Use [M]. China Ocean Press, 2018.

Selected Papers:
1.Liu Dahai, Chi Yuan. Horizontal and vertical distributions of estuarine soil total organic carbon and total nitrogen under complex land surface characteristics[J]. Global Ecology and Conservation,2020, 24: e01268. 
2.Chi Yuan,Liu Dahai*,Xing Wenxiu, Wang Jing. Island ecosystem health in the context of human activities with different types and intensities[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2021, 281 : 125334.
3.Chi Yuan, Liu Dahai*, Wang Jing, Wang Enkang. Human negative, positive, and net influences on an estuarine area with intensive human activity based on land covers and ecological indices: An empirical study in Chongming Island, China[J]. Land Use Policy, 2020, 99, 104846. 
4.Xing Wenxiu, Chi Yuan, Ma Xuejian, Liu Dahai*. Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Vegetation Net Primary Productivity on an Intensively-Used Estuarine Alluvial Island[J]. Land, 2021, 10(2): 130-130.
5.Li Yanping, Liu Dahai *, Luo Tian. The internal logic and direction of land-sea integration in territorial spatial planning: Based on the perspective of composite system Theory [J]. Geographical Research, 2021, 40(7): 1902-1916.
6.Xing Wenxiu, Yang Xiangyan, Liu Dahai *. Study on the definition and management of coastal zone space use based on water resource dependence: A case study of the United States [J]. Urban Planning International, 2021,36(04):31-42.
7.Liu Dahai, Ouyang Huimin, Li Sen, et al. Research on the construction of global blue economy index -- a case study of G20 coastal countries [J]. Exploration of Economic Issues, 2017, 4(6):176-183.
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10. Guan Song, Liu Dahai *, Xing Wenxiu. On the core content of my country's coastal zone legislation [J].China Environmental Management, 2019, 11(06): 95-102.