Name:  Yi Ma

625 Room, Research Building
First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
No. 6 Xianxialing Road, Qingdao, P. R. China 266061


09/1990- 07/1994: Inner Mongol Normal University, Bachelor of Science
09/1996- 07/1999: Inner Mongolia University, Master of Science
09/2000- 07/2003: Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Science

Working Experience
07/1994- 12/2000: Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Teaching assistant
12/2000- Present: First Institute of Oceanography, MNR, Researcher and director of Marine Remote Sensing Division

Research Interests
Oceanographical Remote Sensing, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, Multispectral Remote Sensing, Island and Coastal Zone

Research Projects
1.National Natural Science Fund Project: Identification methods of dominant species of red tide based on the combination of spectral and images. Period covered: 01/2009- 12/2011
2.ESA-MOST Dragon Cooperation Programme: Coastal zone remote sensing monitoring in Yellow River, Yangtze River and Pearl River Delta(ID: 5292). Period covered: 01/2008- 12/2010
3.927 Project: Identification and location of island reefs. Period covered: 01/2010- 12/2013
4.National Science and Technology Support Project: Key techniques of reef detection and measurement. Period covered: 01/2012- 12/2016
5.Scientific Research Project of Marine Public Welfare: Development of carbon fixation information collection, supplementary investigation and field data acquisition system for typical coastal wetlands. Period covered: 01/2012- 12/2015
6.High Resolution Earth Observation Project: Remote sensing monitoring and application demonstration of coastal zone in high resolution. Period covered: 01/2014- 12/2017
7.Global Change and Interaction of Sea and Air Project: Remote sensing investigation of marine environmental parameters in the East India ocean phase II. Period covered: 01/2017-12/2020
8.Project from the National Key Research and Development Plan for Marine Environmental Security: Research on application of remote sensing data for the countries along the maritime silk road. Period covered: 07/2017-12/2020
9.National Natural Science Foundation of China: Recognition, retrieval and verification of typical ocean targets by multi-dimensional high resolution optical remote sensing. Period covered: 01/2019-12/2023

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