Name: Na Liu 

Key Laboratory of Marine Science and Numerical Modeling
First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
No. 6 Xianxialing Road, Qingdao, P. R. China 266061


09/2003-07/2006: OCEAN UNIVERSITY OF CHINA, PhD of Science degree, in Physical Oceanography.
09/2000-07/2003: FIRST INSTITUTE OF OCEANOGRAPHY, SOA, CHINA, Master of Science degree, in Physical Oceanography.
09/1996-07/2000: LIAO CHENG UNIVERSITY, Bachelor of Science degree, in Physical.

Working Experience
12/2020- Present: FIRST INSTITUTE OF OCEANOGRAPHY, MNR, QINGDAO, CHINA, Professorate Senior Engineer
03/2009-04/2011: POLAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CHINA, Postdoctoral

Research Interests 
The polar physical oceanography
The polar climate change

Research Projects
1.Physical Oceanography and Marine Meteorology Investigation in Arctic. Period covered: 01/2016-12/2020.
2.Arctic Drifting Ice Camp Project (MOSAiC Project) in 2019. Period covered: 01/2019-12/2020.
3.Study on excitation mechanism of Antarctic Circumpolar Wave (ACW) for circumpolar signal propagation. Period covered: 01/2008-12/2010.
4.The role of Arctic sea ice anomaly in the formation of winter extreme weather and climate events in China between 2007 and 2010. Period covered: 01/2012-12/2015.
5.Observation and correction of dissolved oxygen (hydrologic parameter) in polar region. Period covered:01/2014-12/2016.
6.Research on rapid variation of Arctic sea ice and its weather and climate effects. Period covered:01/2012-12/2015.
7.Seaworthiness assessment of the Arctic sea-route and development and demonstration of the sea-route forecast system. Period covered:01/2012-12/2015.
8.Study of key technology of numerical forecast for global ocean circulation and polar sea ice. Period covered:01/2011-12/2013.
9.Polar cooperation project of the State Oceanic Administration between China and Canada. Period covere:01/2011-12/2012.
10.Polar cooperation project of the State Oceanic Administration between China and the United States. Period covered:01/2014-12/2014.
11.Compilations of technical specifications for hydrometeorological, chemical and biological investigations on polar oceans. Period covered:07/2011-12/2012.
12.Sea-ice-air interaction in the Southern Ocean and its influence on the south Indian Ocean. Period covered:01/2010-12/2014.

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