Name: Zhi Li
No.623, Science Building
First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
No. 6 Xianxialing Road, Qingdao, P. R. China 266061


Sep./1999- Jun./2003: Ocean University of China, B.S. 
Sep./2003- Jun./2008: Ocean University of China, Ph.D. 

Working Experience 
Jul./2008- Present: The Center for Ocean and Climate Research, The First Institute of Oceanography 
Jun. /2012- Jun. /2013: WESTPAC, IOC, UNESCO, Program Expert 
Dec./2016- Dec./2017: IPRC, University of Hawaii, Visiting Scholar Research Interests Tropical Cyclone, Monsoon, ENSO/IOD dynamics. 

Research Projects 
1. “The Interannual Cycle of Cyclone over Bay of Bengal during Summer-Winter Monsoon Transition Period Modulated by Indian Ocean Dipole” NSFC Project. Period covered: Jan./2015- Dec./2017. 
2. “Formation of Mechanism of Tropical Cyclone and Super Tropical Cyclone during Winter-Summer Monsoon Transition Period over Bay of Bengal” Project. Period covered: Jan./2018- Dec./2020. 

1. Li Zhi; Yu Weidong*; Li Tim; Murty VSN; Tangang Fredolin; Bimodal character of tropical cyclone climatology in Bay of Bengal modulated by the monsoon annual cycle, Journal of Climate, 2013, 2: 1033-1046. 
2. Li Zhi*; Yu Weidong; Modulation of Interannual Variability of TC activity over Southeast Indian Ocean by Negative IOD Phase, Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, 2015, 72: 62-69. 
3. Li Zhi; Li Tim*; Yu Weidong; What Controls the Interannual Variation of Tropical Cyclone Genesis Frequency over Bay of Bengal in the Post-Monsoon Peak Season?, Atmospheric Science Letters, 2015, doi:10.1002/asl.636
4. Li Zhi*; Yu Weidong; Li Kuiping; Wang Huiwu; Liu Yanliang; Environmental Conditions modulating tropical cyclone formation over the Bay of Bengal during Pre-Monsoon Transition Period, Journal of Climate, 2019, 32: 4387-4394. 
5. Li Zhi*; Li Tim; Yu Weidong; Environmental Conditions Regulating the Formation of Super Tropical Cyclone during Pre-Monsoon Transition Period over Bay of Bengal, Climate Dynamics, 2019, 52: 3857-3867.
6. Li Zhi*; Xue Yuhuan; Fang Yue; Li Kuiping; Modulation of environmental conditions on the significant difference in the super cyclone formation rate during the pre- and post-monsoon seasons over the Bay of Bengal, Climate Dynamics, 2021, doi: 10.1007/s00382-021-05840-7.