Name: Dongliang Yuan



Physical Oceanography

First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
No. 6 Xianxialing Road, Qingdao, P. R. China 266061





09/1991-08/1995 Ph. D., Department of Oceanography, Florida State University;

09/1988-07/1991 M.S., Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

09/1984-07/1988 B.S., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing University.


Working Experience:

01/2021-present:“Kunpeng Outstanding Scholar”program of the Ministry of Natural Resources of China.

02/2006-01/2021: Full research professor, Institute of Oceanology, CAS;

02/2005-07/2005: Scientist II, ORA/NESDIS, NOAA;

10/2002-01/2005: Senior Scientist/Data Specialist, NASA Goddard Earth Science, Data and Information Service Center, Distributed Active Archive Center;

10/2000-09/2002: Assistant Research Scientist, GEST/University of Maryland, Baltimore County, working at Code 971, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center;

02/1998-09/2000: Visiting Fellow, University Space Research Association, working at Code 971, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center;

10/1995-01/1998: Postdoctor, Department of Oceanography, Florida State University.


Research Interests:

• Ocean circulation and climate dynamics: Indo-Pacific interactions through the Indonesian seas, tropical climate variations from intraseasonal to centennial time scales, ENSO and IOD dynamics, western boundary current dynamics, etc.

• Physical Oceanography

• Shelf ocean circulation: Yellow, East China Sea, and South China Sea circulation and dynamics, cross-shelf circulation and transport, cross-shelf penetrating fronts, etc.


Research Projects

1.Chief scientist, National Key Research and Development Program of China (2020YFA0608800), 12/2020-11/2025.

2.PI, Strategic Priority Research Program of CAS type B (XDB42010000), 1/2020-12/2024

3.PI, Key international cooperative project of NSFC (41720104008), 1/2018-12/2022.

4.PI, Key project of Major Scientific Plan of NSFC (91858204), 1/2019-12/2022.

5.PI, Strategic Priority Research Program of CAS type A (XDA11010000), 1/2013-12/2015.

6.Head Scientist, Innovative Group Research Project of NSFC (41421005), 1/2015-12/2020.

7.Chief Scientist, National Basic Research Program (2012CB956001), 01/2012-12/2016.

8.National Outstanding Young Scientist career award by NSFC (40888001), 01/2009-12/2012.



1.Zhao Xia, Dongliang Yuan*, 2021: Evaluation of intraseasonal wind rectification on recent Indian Ocean dipole events using LICOM, Climate Dynamics, doi: 10.1007/s00382-021-05943-1.

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7.Yuan D.*, et al., 2018: Observed Transport Variations in the Maluku Channel of the Indonesian Seas Associated with Western Boundary Current Changes, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 48: 1803-1813, DOI: 10.1175/JPO-D-17-0120.1.

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11.Yuan D.*, X. Hu, P. Xu, X. Zhao, Y. Masumoto, W. Han, 2018: The IOD-ENSO precursory teleconnection over the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean: dynamics and long-term trends under global warming. J. Oceanol.. Limnol., 36(1), 4-19.

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16.Yuan, D.*, H. Zhou, and X. Zhao, 2013: Interannual climate variability over the tropical Pacific Ocean induced by Indian Ocean Dipole through Indonesian Throughflow. J. Climate, 2845-2861, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-12-00117.1.

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20.Yuan, D.*, and Y. Hsueh, 2010: Dynamics of the cross-shelf circulation in the Yellow and East China Seas in winter. Deep Sea Research II, 57(19-20), 1745-1761.


Professional Memberships:

1993-Present American Geophysical Union;

1995-present American Meteorological Society;

Chinese-American Ocean and Atmosphere Association (life member)

2007-present Chinese Society of Oceanography and Limnology.

2008.01-2010.12 American Geophysical Union-Cooperative International Panel (Committee)

2009.01-2010.10 Chief guest editor of Deep Sea Res. II (Elsevier) special issue: Kuroshio and Marginal Sea

2009.05-2014.02 Guest Editor of Prog. Oceanogr. (Elsevier) Special issue: PAMS

2012.10-Present CLIVAR NPOCE program Scientific Steering Committee (2013.07-2018.09 Executive deputy director)

2014.01-2015.12 CLIVAR Pacific Panel member

2015.04-Present TPOS2020-BB TT、TPOS2020-WBC TT


Honors and Awards:


“Kunpeng Outstanding Scholar” of Ministry of Natural Resources of China (2019.10)

"Taishan Scholar Distinguished Expert" of Shandong Province(2019.09)

Head scientist of NSFC Innovative Research Group Grant (2015-2020)

PI of CAS Strategic Priority Project type A: WPOS (2013-2017), type B: IPCA (2020-2024);

Chief scientist of National Basic Research Program of China: Project ROME (2012-2016);

Outstanding Young Scientist career award by the NSF of China in 2008;

“Hundreds-Talent Program” professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2006;

Fellowship, USRA (1998-2001);


Shandong Provincial Science & Technology Prize (2018.03.23)

Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of CAS (2018.01)

Shandong Provincial Award for Overseas Returned Students Achievement (2012.11)

Shandong Provincial Award for Promoting International Science and Technology Cooperation (2011.09)

National candidates of National Millions of Talent Projects of the New Century (2009.12.29)

NSFC Outstanding Young Scholar Award (2008)

NSF of Shandong Provincial Outstanding Young Scholar Award (2008)