The Fourth FIO Young Scholars Forum Held

On September 28, the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO) held the fourth FIO Young Scholars Forum both online and offline, with the theme being "How Can Young Scholars Participate in International Cooperation and Its Significance". Qiao Fangli, Deputy Director of the FIO, heads of the International Division and the international cooperative organizations, and young scholars of the FIO participated in this forum.

During the forum, Qiao Fangli emphasized that the FIO has made fruitful achievements in international cooperation in recent years, and young scholars should actively participate in international cooperation and play a more important role in future international cooperation. International cooperative organizations should increase publicity on the ways and means for young scholars to participate in the activities of international organizations, and give certain support to these young scholars.

At the forum, the heads of international cooperative organizations such as the Secretariat of the Chinese Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, China-Korea Joint Ocean Research Center, CHINA-PEMSEA Sustainable Coastal Management Cooperation Center, International CLIVAR Project Office, IMBeR International Project Office, SOLAS International Project Office, and the UN Ocean Decade Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) Programme introduced their functions and activities, and had in-depth discussions and exchanges with young scholars around the theme of the forum. After the discussion, Liu Lin, Zhang Zhiwei and Shu Qi of the FIO shared the significance of young scholars' participation in international cooperation and their experience of "how to participate in the activities of international organizations".

International cooperation and exchange is an important way to seize the frontier of international disciplines, accumulate international cooperation resources, and promote scientific and technological innovation. This forum has strongly promoted the exchanges between young scholars and relevant international cooperative organizations, opened up new ideas for young scholars to carry out scientific research, and fully mobilized their enthusiasm to participate in international cooperation.