FIO Provides First Location Map for Cambodia for Rescue after the Shipwreck on September 22

According to media reports in Cambodia, a fishing boat sank suddenly due to a malfunction near Sihanoukville at 10:30 a.m. local time on September 22, 2022. There were 41 Chinese citizens onboard, with 18 rescued and 23 missing. The Cambodian side was active in search and rescue. To significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of search and rescue, marine environment forecasting and prediction of the drift path of people falling into the water are urgently needed. On the afternoon of September 23, Researcher Qiao Fangli, Dr. Zhao Chang, Senior Engineer Xia Changshui, and Researcher Yin Xunqiang formed an emergency forecasting team immediately. After communicating with relevant personnel in Cambodia, they employed the products as part of the Operational Forecast System (OFS), which was independently developed by FIO, to forecast wind field, waves, and current field, initiated the emergency response system for maritime events, managed to get the first location map for future research of missing persons within one hour, and delivered it to the search and rescue command center through Mr. Meas Rithy, Deputy Director, Department of Marine and Coastal Zone Conservation, Ministry of Environment of Cambodia. According to the feedback from the Cambodian side, persons overboard were rescued exactly at locations predicted by FIO on September 23. The map provided the targeted search direction and range in the next 5 days, which helps improve the accuracy of the search and rescue operations and provides critical technical support for them.

Map of the Primary Search and Rescue Areas for Survivors of the Shipwreck in Cambodia on September 22 for the Next 5 Days (to be updated)