FIO Convenes Mid-year Meeting on International Cooperation Projects and International Institutions in 2022

On June 30, 2022, FIO organized a mid-year work summary and report meeting on international cooperation projects and international cooperation institutions. Li Tiegang, Director of FIO, Qiao Fangli, Deputy Director of FIO, and Li Naisheng, External Academician, attended the meeting. Li Li, Director of the International Cooperation Department, chaired the meeting. More than 20 people including project/subject matter leaders and international institution heads were present.

At the meeting, Mr. Li Tiegang emphasized that FIO boasts a solid foundation and fine tradition in international cooperation, and is one of the "three driving forces" behind the FIO's high-quality development of scientific research. Recently, FIO has made a series of outstanding breakthroughs in international cooperation. It has taken the lead among China's scientific research institutes regarding the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development by successfully applying for the building of the UN DCC-OCC, being approved for an Ocean Decade mega-science program, and playing a leading role in another 2 mega-science programs ("Global Ocean Negative Carbon Emission" and "Demonstration of Chinese Estuarine Conservation"). Mr. Li Tiegang said that FIO attaches great importance to international cooperation in ocean science research. FIO's research teams are expected to seize opportunities, seek progress, join hands, bring international cooperation in ocean science research to a new level, promote the transformation of achievements, develop public scientific research products to benefit more countries, and enhance FIO's international influence in science and technology.

The heads of international projects and institutions reported on the 2022 semi-annual work progress and their future work. Deputy Director Qiao Fangli then brought forward specific requirements and earnest expectations, and encouraged all to seize global opportunities, respond to common challenges, identify goals, position targets, break new ground, and elevate FIO's international cooperation to a new level. Researcher Li Naisheng made insightful comments on the overall progress and direction of each project based on domestic and international situations, acknowledged existing achievements, specified shortcomings, and offered valuable suggestions for FIO's international cooperation efforts.

The meeting helped bring together the strengths of FIO's experts in international cooperation, with a consensus reached on the direction of FIO's international cooperation. It was of great significance for FIO's further development of international cooperation.