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Lab of Marine Physics and Remote Sensing

The Laboratory of Marine Physics and Remote Sensing is committed to serve the country and society by developing remote sensing and telemetry techniques. Aiming at meeting urgent needs of the nation, the Lab keeps in step with the world frontier of science and technology. Supported by the National Key Research and Development Program, Nation Science Foundation of China, Manned Space Program, Ocean Satellite Application Program and National Special Program, the Lab is engaged in the leading edge of scientific researches on marine physics, ocean remote sensing/telemetry techniques and application, and the interdisciplinary research of remote sensing/telemetry with other disciplines. Fruitful achievements have been made in ocean dynamics remote sensing, marine ecological environment remote sensing, marine targets detection, and coastal zone high resolution remote sensing. 

The Lab establishes close partnership with industrial sectors, universities and operational departments, especially including two key partners of China University of Petroleum and Beijing Institute of Telemetry. There are about 30 permanent staff in the Lab, most of which are young and middle-aged scientists, including 5 research fellows and 7 research associates. The Lab plans to recruit 1 new member every year between 2016 and 2020. Besides, over 10 PhD students and 30 postgraduates are pursuing their degrees here.

Research Areas
● Ocean dynamics remote sensing technology and application
● Ocean ecology remote sensing technology and application
● Marine target detection technology and application
● Coastal zone high resolution remote sensing technology and application

Research Priorities
● SAR detection of ocean dynamics and targets
● Novel ocean remote sensing techniques (e. g. Ocean Wave Spectrometer, Imaging Altimeter, Ocean Salinity Radiometer)
● Satellite altimeter data processing and ocean application
● Air-sea interface observation and microwave remote sensing mechanism
● Coastal zones/islands remote sensing investigation and ecological evaluation
● Hyperspectral remote sensing of the ocean and coastal zone
● Geostationary ocean remote sensing data processing and application
● Sea fog and low clouds remote sensing detection
● Coastal Zone Imager data processing and application 
● Development of Unmanned Surface Vehicle system for ocean environment monitoring
● High Frequency Surface Wave Radar Marine Monitoring
● Global ocean remote sensing data product and its application in global change

First Institute of Oceanography,  Ministry of Natural Resources