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Research Center for Coastal Zone Science and Marine Development Strategy

Established in 2014, the Marine Policy Research Center is positioned as a leading think tank for marine policies and a national base for marine humanistic and social science. The center focuses on the development of marine cause and the drive to build a maritime power. Based on China’s current practices of ocean management and centering on research in marine policies, the center carries out research into policies concerning domestic marine issues, international marine affairs and major maritime issues, with the major means of theoretical study, methods exploration, data mining and system design. 

Discipline Orientation and Major Research Contents
Research in Marine Economy and Strategic Planning
    ● Research in marine econometrics and development policies
    ● Research in marine planning and zoning technologies 
    ● Research in policies concerning integrated management of sea area
    ● Research in the reform of marine ecological preservation system
    ● Research in marine innovation evaluation 

Research in Maritime Rights and Interests & Laws and Regulations
    ● Research in maritime safety and law enforcement
    ● Research in marine strategies and policies of the polar regions, deep sea     
       and the globe 
    ● Research in global ocean governance
    ● Research in islands rights and interests and strategic pivot

Significant Research Findings
    ● Participating in the compilation of Decisions on Paid Use of Sea Area and Uninhabited Islands, approved by the 35th plenum of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms and printed and distributed. 
    ● Taking part as a Chinese expert in the compilation of Feasibility Study of the Planning for Saint Vincent Special Marine Economic Zone, the Republic of Cape Verde. This is the first overseas planning project for marine special economic zone with China’s engagement, a consensus reached by the premiers of the two countries. On January 10th, 2018, representatives from both countries exchanged notes on the approval and initiation of the planning project of the Saint Vincent Special Marine Economic Zone.  
    ● Being the first in China to release the National Marine Innovation Index, having produced notable effects. Established an open cooperation mechanism joined by departments, institutes of higher learning and research institutions, such as the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Oceanic Administration, China Geological Survey, Peking University, Beijing Institute of Technology and Ocean University of China. Reached consensus with the Ministry of Science and Technology on the inclusion of Marine Innovation Index into the national report on innovation survey monitoring and assessment.  
    ● Being a major player of research and compilation of Instructional Advice on Pilot Work of Compiling Overall Plan for Comprehensive Protection and Use of Provincial Coastal Zone, exploring a new model of controlling the use of coastal zone space of China, represented by integrated and coordinated development of land and sea. Besides, the center has been engaged in and released planning for the marine cause of provinces and cities, such as Shandong Province and Wenzhou City, forming a system of marine planning and zoning at national, provincial and municipal levels respectively and in three categories, namely, overall, specialized and regional planning.   
    ● Being a major player of research in Building Control Index of Sea Area for Projects, which was printed and distributed in May 2017 and has been adopted by the State Oceanic Bureau as typical means of managing and controlling sea reclamation. 
    ● As the key support unit, we participated in the studies and formulation of Guidelines on Promoting Deep Sea Technology R&D and Industrial Development, and carried out researches on such areas as China’s deep sea strategy, ocean strategy, deep sea science and technology and industrial development, international cooperation in deep sea and ocean, international sea floor governance, etc. These contribute to exploring and developing the science and technology research system of deep sea and ocean.

First Institute of Oceanography,  Ministry of Natural Resources