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Marine Information and Computing Center

The Marine Information and Computing Center (MICC) is responsible for the management and services regarding books, archives and marine data, the construction of high performance computing platform, and editing and publishing marine journals, thus providing efficient information and technology support for scientific research and technique development of FIO. Currently, 26 staff are working for MICC, including 11 research fellows and associates. The center consists of 6 sectors, including the Library, Archives Office, Network Management Center, High Performance Computing Center, Data Center, and Editorial Office.

● To collect, edit, manage, and circulate scientific literatures and provide related services.
● To establish and maintain the digital library and provide information services.
● To serve as a sharing platform for inter-library and international resource exchange.
The library has a collection of over 50,000 books and 1,200 Chinese and foreign journals, offering various digital resources including the GoldDisk Library NET, foreign full text databases (like AGU Journal, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Science, Nature, etc.), Medalink foreign document delivery system, Chinese full text databases (like CNKI, CQVIP, etc.), Chinese e-books systems (Duxiu, Huiya Book World, Gede E-book Lending Machine, etc.), Chaoxing Literature Discovery System and so on.

Archives Office
● To check and collect all kinds of archives.
● To manage, protect and make fine use of archives.
● To construct digital archives and provide related services.
● To serve as the national second-class archives management department.
The archives office has a collection of more than 8,000 volumes of archives, involving categories of science, technology, administration, equipment, finance and real estate. There are more than 7,000 kinds of marine charts and over 6,000 copies of internal data files. It runs a comprehensive archives management information system, which manages archives in digital/modern manners and provides convenient access for users.

Network Management Center
● To establish, manage, and operate the FIO website.
● To develop and maintain the network information system of FIO.
● To provide technical support for network access, security and confidentiality.
The network management center operates the extranet, intranet, wireless network and exclusive network of FIO with a total Internet bandwidth of 300M. It is equipped with 12 web servers, 15 sets of equipment for network management and security, more than 200 network access devices and nearly 2000 network information nodes.
High Performance Computing Center
● To establish the high performance computing platform and provide related services.
● To establish the data sharing platform and provide related services.
The high performance computing center is the key part of FIO’s public technology support, which provides operational running of numerical model, mass data processing, and high performance computation. The center possesses more than 10 mainframe computers with 50Tflops computing ability and more than 10 storage devices with 4PB storage capability. The floor area of the center is about 330m2 including a main computing room of 180m2.
Data Center
● To manage marine data, generate products and provide related services.
● To research and develop technologies in marine environmental information systems and integrated management information platforms.
● To run the Qingdao Oceanographic Data Sharing Center of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).
The data center greatly helps FIO by enhancing its management, analysis, visualization and sharing of marine environmental data and information integrated management. Its achievements in key technologies can be seen by the following facts. By the end of 2016, the data center had collected about 1TB data from 49 public voyage research surveys commissioned by NSFC from 2010-2015, and published “The Reports of Voyage Research Surveys in 2014”; acted as the co-constructor of the “National Engineering Laboratory of Integrated Aero-space-ground-ocean Big Data Applied Technology”; and participated in more than 50 national and provincial projects, published over 30 papers and got 15 software copyrights since 2002.
Editorial Office
● To edit and publish two academic journals: Advances in Marine Science and Coastal Engineering
Founded in 1983, the Advances in Marine Science is now cosponsored by the Chinese Society for Oceanography and FIO, and issued by the Ocean Press. It publishes latest academic achievements in marine basic, applied and interdisciplinary researches at home and abroad. Listed as the Chinese core journal, key magazine of China technology and the core journal of Chinese science citation database, it was awarded the excellent journal in Eastern China and now can be freely accessed in CNKI, Wanfang and CQVIP database.
Founded in 1982 and supervised by FIO, the Coastal Engineering is now sponsored by Shandong Coastal Engineering Society and issued by the Ocean Press. It is an academic journal on coastal engineering and environmental science featuring the connection between theories and practice, which is perfectly suitable for researchers, teachers, engineers and technicians who work in the fields. It has been selected in various core journal databases of China and the ProQuest database from the US. The Coastal Engineering was awarded the excellent journal of Shandong Association for Science and Technology and now can be freely accessed in CNKI, Wanfang and CQVIP database.
First Institute of Oceanography,  Ministry of Natural Resources