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With regards to the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), Ministry of Natural Resources(MNR), China, is committed to satisfying national strategies and social & economic development, conforms to the development tenets of “customer first, sincere service, superior quality and best application” and accurately matches the scientific and technological support for maritime management and development by SOA, local governments, social enterprises and public institutions, and provides all-round scientific support and services in such fields as marine environment protection, ecological civilization construction, marine disaster prevention and mitigation, management of sea area and islands, marine policies and planning and construction of major marine projects. 

At present, FIO has built ten fields of scientific and technological transfer and ten service support systems which cover 6 countries and regions around the world and 15 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) in China. Since 1980s, FIO has undertaken more than 2,900 projects of the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, and created huge social and economic benefits. 

Marine engineering survey: FIO has taken on more than 100 projects on various underwater cable and route surveys, and completed the engineering survey of over 10 nuclear power plant sites along the coast and fulfilled engineering survey of national key bridges and tunnels like Qingdao Cross-sea Bridge. It has made prominent results. 

Marine environment investigation and monitoring: The business scope of FIO includes nuclear power plant, wind farm and ocean oil spill. 

Marine environment improvement and restoration: So far, FIO has accomplished bioremediation of oil spills caused by explosion at shores in Dalian and Huangdao, ecological restoration of Beidaihe waterfront wetland, coastline renovation in Qingdao and Huangdao, improvement of Haiyang Beach, etc., providing a strong support for the construction of the national demonstration zone of marine ecological civilization. 

Management support: FIO has taken the lead in drafting Procedures on Protection of Base Points of Territorial Seas and Protection Measures for interprovincial leading units specialized in marine delimitation and coastline survey, and strongly supported the legislation and enforcement of the Sea Management Law and Island Protection Law. 

Numerical model and system R&D: FIO has developed the wave-circulation-tide coupled numerical model which is of high resolution in the world. The model has greatly enhanced the numerical simulation of the oceanic general circulation model. Based on the observed results about hydrometeorological factors from offshore oil platforms, FIO can carry out highly accurate real-time forecast and hindcasting about marine environment, significantly guaranteeing the operational safety of platforms. The assistant decision-making system of geological disasters of islands designed and developed based on space information technology has provided aided decision-making support for monitoring, evaluation and pre-warning of geological disasters of islands in an effective and convenient manner. 

Bioengineering development and utilization: Developed based on the freeze-dried bacterial powder of the highly-efficient petroleum-degrading bacteria, the bioremediation technology for oil spill at shores has been successfully applied to the oil spill accident in Dalian and the oil pipeline leakage in Huangdao, and remarkable results have been obtained. Meanwhile, microalgae have been used to successfully make the biodiesel up to the national standards. Besides, FIO has actively explored the bioremediation technology for oil spill in the marine geological environment and the technology for development and application of the purplish red pigment around the South Pole. 

R&D and application of marine drug and biological products: FIO has made achievements in the processing and development of marine microbial pesticide, phosphoesterase seaweed gel plant soft capsule, and suaeda salsa, and development of conjugated linoleic acid products, algae-selenium polysaccharide products, grape seed oil and grape polyphenols. Products like inject/oral fish vaccine against Lymphocystis disease in the field of microcapsule gene engineering have been marketed. Meanwhile, good social response and considerable economic benefits have been got. 

AI and equipment R&D: FIO has made abundant transfer achievements in AI and equipment fields, such as unmanned ship, deep-sea buoy, high-definition multichannel seismic system for offshore engineering, suspended sediment sampling system, brain science, dragging system and landslide monitoring. Some achievements have been successfully promoted and applied. 

First Institute of Oceanography,  Ministry of Natural Resources