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2018-05-26 Xiangyanghong 18 completes the 2018 (Spring) NSFC Open Research Cruise in the East China Sea Recently, Xiangyanghong 18 research ship completed the 2018 (Spring) National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Open Research Cruise in the East China Sea and returned to Qingdao.
2018-05-24 Tony Worby,and other four guests visited FIO. Tony Worby, director of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSRIO) Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR), and other four guests visited FIO.
2018-05-19 The First Institute of Oceanography, SOA Held 60th Anniversary Academic Activities On May 19, 2018, the Academician Forum Marking the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the First Institute of Oceanography, SOA (hereafter referred to as FIO) was held in the Academic Hall of FIO.
2018-05-18 “Xiang Yang Hong 01” Returns in Triumph after the First Around-the-World Integrated Marine Scientific Investigation —Covering a range of 38,600 nautical miles and creating numerous “firsts” for marine scientific investigation
2018-05-18 The 60 Years of Struggle to Forge Ahead, and Focusing on New Innovation in the Future —The 60th Anniversary of the First Institute of Oceanography On May 18, the First Institute of Oceanography (the FIO for short) held the conference for the retrospective summary of its 60th anniversary of the founding. Lin Shanqing, Member of the Leading Party Committee of the Ministry of Natural ...
2018-05-11 Delegation from Institute of Pacific Ocean, Fareast Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Visits the FIO On May 11, 2018, the five-person delegation led by Professor Sergey Gorbarenko from the Institute of Pacific Ocean, Fareast Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, visited the First Institute of Oceanography (the FIO for short). During the visit, Li Tiegang, Director of the FIO and Professor Sergey ...
2018-04-29 FIO Scientist Achieves One of China Top 10 Marine S&T Advances of 2017 GAO Libao, the young scientist of the Ocean and Climate Research Center of FIO, together with China-Australia Scientific Research Team, has made significant progress in the study of Southern Ocean Warming Mechanism with a research report named “Recent wind-driven change in Subantarctic Mode Water ...
2018-04-18 The Seminar about the Annual Progress of the National Key Research & Development Program...... — Promoting China’s self-dependent marine environment security assurance technologies in countries along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
2018-04-18 Director Ole Arve Misund of Norwegian Polar Institute and His Associates Visits Our Institute On April 18, 2018, Ole Arve Misund, Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute and two of his associates visited our institute. Deputy Director Wang Zongling, and representatives of the Division of International Cooperation and Communication, the Laboratory of Marine Physics and Remote Sensing, and ...
2018-04-16 China’s Self-developed Underwater Glider Sets for Ocean Turbulence Observation During Xiangyanghong 01’s mission in the 46th China Ocean Expedition, scientists set “Haiyan”, a Chinese self-developed autonomous underwater vehicle, in the South Pacific Ocean for the first time, observing ocean turbulence and providing data for ocean forecasting, environment protection and ...
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